Growing Citrus Trees in Maui with Jamie Nahl of Plant It Hawaii

This venue has limited seating. Please RSVP to Allison at 808-268-6927.

This talk has been approved for 1.5 CEU’s for Arborists!

Jamie Nahl, of Plant It Hawaii, will give us tips on growing citrus trees in all climates on Maui. She will also include information on proper pruning techniques, appropriate fertilization and pest & disease management.
Jamie Dahl at the March 26th 2013 MALP Educational Meeting

It seems almost every property on Maui has at least one fruit tree, if not more, and many homeowners have even developed small orchards to bring in more income. Do you have questions about your citrus trees? Does your tangerine tree produce dry fruit or does your tree never seem to have any fruit?

From Oranges to Tangerines and Finger Limes, Jamie can help you select the best variety for your location and elevation on Maui. She will show us how properly pruning trees can help increase yields and create better tasting fruit. She will also be discussing the best fertilizers to use on all varieties of citrus. In addition, attendees will learn the best management practices for pests and diseases as well as the history of citrus around the world.

Jamie is also bringing information on new varieties they are growing at Plant It Hawaii! If you or your clients have fruit trees, you want to plant some or if you have any questions, come and listen!

Jamie K. Nahl, born & raised in Hawaii, has been working in the horticulture and agriculture since graduating from UH Hilo College of Agriculture in 1980. For almost 20 years, Jamie has worked for Plant It Hawaii and Hula Brothers, Inc., an orchard, and she is currently the Office & Sales Manager. Plant It Hawaii is one of the largest growers & distributors of fruit trees in Hawaii. She is currently on the board of the Hawaii Floriculture and Nursery Association. 

Raffle:   There will be a raffle at the end of the meeting. Each attendee will receive one free ticket.


MALP Board Elections and Educational Meeting: Water Conservation Solutions with Martin Miyashiro

MALP Board of Directors Elections

We will be holding board elections at this time. We are in dire need of help with the board to keep the organization moving forward. There are many great opportunities ahead

We will be voting to fill these Board of directors positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and also Vocal positions.

Please CLICK to download the printable nomination form.

Educational Meeting

Water Conservation Solutions with Martin Miyashiro

Water conservation has been a buzz word or phrase for many years. So what is it and what are the solutions in water conservation? In this presentation you will hear about practical solutions and ideas that are available through multiple distributors on Maui today! These solutions will help homeowners and commercial users equally. Come ready to learn about how to save water at your home or business!

Certification Credits: 1.0 hours LICT Credits

Martin Miyashiro has been active in the landscape industry in Hawaii since 1985. His career has taken him from the field as an Irrigator to a Design Build Landscaper, to a local VP of sales and Marketing and Manufacturer Sales Manager for Hunter Industries. Most recently Martin continues his career in the islands as a Key Accounts Manager for SiteOne Landscape Supply.


There will be a raffle at the end of the evening meeting. Each attendee will receive a free ticket!

Two Free Educational Programs with Steve Nimz

Steve Nimz, an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist®, chief consulting arborist with Steve Nimz & Associates, and president of Instant Shade Hawaii in Honolulu, Hawaii, has been named a “True Professional of Arboriculture™” by ISA. The True Professional recognition program honors arborists and tree care professionals for their positive impact on the industry in and around their communities.

Nimz, who has more than 40 years of experience as an arborist, advocates volunteering with local organizations and non-profits. When the Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii was formed, Nimz was the first president. He founded the Tree People, co-founded Hawaiian Earth Products and was a charter member of the Aloha Arborist Association.

Basic Risk Awareness for Trees

Trees & palms help create the tropical ambiance surrounding our guests, clients and families. Steve will be teaching us to identify the early signs of potential problems with the trees and palms commonly used in our landscapes. We will be working in the classroom then move outside to see how to recognize trouble areas then how to control & mitigate the issues that may arise.

Certification Credits:
Certified Arborist: 3.0 hours (varies based on your certification)
LICT Credits: 3.0 hours

Basic Disease Diagnosis of Trees

Diseases manifest on trees in a variety of ways. Steve will be showing us how to diagnose a variety of diseases common in Hawaii & to understand the effects of these different issues in our landscapes. He will be bringing samples for attendees to attain practical knowledge of these diseases. This program is for novices & professionals alike. Some hand lenses will be provided for class use- Bring a hand lens if you have one available.

Certification Credits:
Certified Arborist: 2.0 hours (varies based on your certification)
LICT Credits: 2.0 hours

MALP Educational Meeting – Topic: Proper Pesticide Use & Safety with Derek Shigematsu

Safe use of pesticides, both organic & inorganic, on your projects is not only a requirement but should be your top priority.

Derek will begin by covering the services the Pesticides Branch provides and provide an overview of the program. He will be discussing safe versus unsafe practices for, poisoning and proper storage and transportation. Additional topics will include understanding types & formulations of pesticides, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and proper storage & handling. To conclude, Derek will discuss existing pesticide laws and regulations.

Derek Shigematsu is a pesticide specialist for the Hawaii Department of Agriculture.

Certification Credits:
Pesticide Credits: 1.5 hours
Certified Arborist: 1.0 hours
LICT Credits: 1.5 hours

Educational Meeting: Invasive Species in the News – How Can You Help to Control the Spread of Invasive Pests on Maui?

Little fire ants

Speaker:   Adam Radford, Manager of the Maui Invasive Species Committee (MISC)

Adam Radford
Adam Radford

Little fire ants and coqui frogs are continuing to make headlines on Maui. The Maui Invasive Species Committee is on the front lines of the battles to prevent and control these and other invasive pests & diseases. Adam will be discussing the current progress of the control of the little fire ants and coqui frogs on our island and how the landscape community plays a key role in the management of these issues. This is not only a landscape industry problem but a potential economic issue for our island. Adam will also answer questions on other potential pests & diseases and how to not only protect our island landscapes but Maui’s ecosystem.

Adam Radford has been manager of the Maui Invasive Species Committee (MISC) since July 2016. He directs all field and outreach activities for Maui as well as assists with the Molokai Invasive Species Committee. He received his undergraduate degree from UH Manoa and his Masters degree from California State University.

Certification Credits: 

    • LICT Credits: 1 CEU


Help Wanted: Seeking unqualified individuals

Seeking unqualified individuals to help with the following:

helpEducational Events: You have ideas for speakers and tours. We know you do! Join the team to invite speakers to our events! Someone makes the fliers, sends the mail, sets up & breaks down the room, gathers prizes, coordinates CEU’s with ISA, Pesticide Certification & NALP, buys food and entertains the speakers and hosts!

Events Coordinator: The MALP Lawn & Garden Fair has been around for over 20 years & needs a new coordinator!

Public Relations: Sending press releases is easy! Through websites, you are able to copy & download information on events and hit send! And you could send out emails to all of our members regularly! It’s always fun to get reminders in the inbox!

Social Media Specialist: Can you post to Facebook? Are you able to take pictures of your fellow members and share?

LICT Program Coordinator: Help set the program, teach and/or lead classes, set up speakers and run the test days!

That’s just some of the jobs the board does for you – the members!

The real “jobs” are the board positions listed below & need to be filled:

MALP Treasurer: Coordinates with bookkeeper to keep all financial information up to date. Helps bookkeeper send out membership renewals. Helps gather information for grants from Maui County. Reports to the board the state of the MALP accounts.

MALP Secretary: Helps take notes for all board meetings. Disseminates notes to board as needed and to membership if requested.

MALP Vice-President: Helps run meetings and gather information needed for events.

MALP President: Coordinates & runs board meetings. Helps recruit for events. Designates people to help with all activities. Helps write annual grant request to Maui County Farm Bureau. This is typically a 2 year position.

Vocal Members: Thoughts and ideas to board during meetings. We’re always looking for more people.

Future Expansion: We are always looking to expand! We need help with recruitment ideas, article writing for the website (there’s an online MALP magazine). What about setting up new programs for members?


Seriously, did you know the MALP board does all of this and more?

It is time for new board members to join the team. All positions are open! President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary & Vocal positions! There is also the position of Past-President, waiting to be filled – by me!

We get a lot of suggestions, requests for information! The growth of the landscape industry on Maui has been phenomenal! There is so much room for growth in this organization!

I have been the President of the MALP board for the past 2 years and I can see the potential of this group! It’s time for a new president!

Board elections will be held at our New Year’s Party on Tuesday, January 24th
at 6:30 pm after our January educational meeting!
We hope to see all of you there!

If you are interested, feel free to contact myself or anyone on the board – go to and the board members are listed on the home page!

Allison Wright
MALP President

The 2016 Landscape Maintenance Certified Technician (LICT) in Ornamental Maintenance Training Start Sept 14

Maui LICT Field Testing
The Maui Association of Landscape Professionals presents the Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii’s 2016 Landscape Maintenance Training Landscape Industry Certified Technician (LICT) in Ornamental Maintenance. Please visit the Maui LICT website ( for complete information on this valuable training. There is a registration deadline and class size is limited so hurry!
LICT Field Testing
Maui LICT Field Testing

Why should you or your staff get trained & certified?

  • Having trained workers reduces liability to your company.
  • Allows you to keep up to date on industry standards.
  • Teaches you how to do things correctly.
  • Makes your company more attractive to clients.
  • Increases your qualifications to prospective employers.
  • Much like having an arborist certification, use this certification to enhance your other credentials.
  • Hawaii state contracts may require that you have a LICT on staff.

Landscaping with Coastal & Low Elevation Native Plants by  Tamara Sherrill

Tamara Sherrill

The use of Hawaiian native plants in landscapes is becoming more commonplace in both private residences and commercial properties. Naupaka, pohinahina and akia are of course staples, but there are so many more options. Tamara will be sharing with us the best native plants for use in landscapes. She will include common varieties but will also introduce us to other less commonly used plants to increase the diversity in our gardens. She will also speak on the best cultural practices for these plants in landscape situations.

Tamara Sherrill holds a degree in Natural Resources and environmental Management from UH-Manoa. She began working at Maui Nui Botanical Gardens in 2002 as the Nursery Manager and Curator. Tamara is currently the Executive Director of Maui Nui Botanical Gardens.

Management of Turfgrass & Landscape Pests in Hawaii with Zhiquiang Cheng

Speaker:   Zhiqiang Cheng Ph.D. Assistant Extension Specialist with the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Please CLICK HERE to Download a PDF (4.8MB) Copy of
the Slides Dr. Cheng Used for his Presentation.

Zhiqiang Cheng
Zhiqiang Cheng Ph.D.

Hawaii is always under threat of the introduction of new pests and diseases in our landscapes. Zhiquiang Cheng Ph.D. has spent the past few years studying a number of these issues. He will be discussing some of his research regarding some of the most recent pests and diseases to reach our islands. These will include the coconut rhinoceros beetle, ficus gall wasps and scales. Lawns have also had many issues this past year. Cheng will be discussing these fungal issues as well.


Certification Credits:   

    • Pesticide: TBD
    • ISA Certified Arborist: none
    • LICT Credits: 1 CEU

Developing New Varieties of Plants for Hawaii Landscapes with Dr. Ken Leonhardt


MALP Educational Meeting – Free to the public



Don’t you wish all of the monkeypod trees on your property had no seeds? Would you like to have new varieties of gingers for your gardens? Dr. Ken Leonhardt had been working for over 30 years creating new varieties of plants for use in tropical landscapes. His emphasis has been on producing seedless varieties of our most common landscape trees. He has also developed new varieties of gingers and stephanotis, and even protea that can be grown at sea level. If you want to meet someone passionate about plants in Hawaii, this is talk to see! Ken will be bringing some cuttings of these plants to give away in our raffle!

Dr. Ken Leonhardt received his Ph.D from UH-Manoa in 1977 in horticulture. He currently works as a Specialist with the Department of Tropical Plants & Soil Sciences. His research emphasis revolves around protea and landscape trees.