The Ahupua’a Land Management System with Bob Hobdy

The term ahupua’a is used to describe a larger hierarchy of land areas ranging from an entire island down to individual kuleanas, with corresponding levels of focus on the resources and the people living on those land units. The Hawaiian culture was deeply embedded in the ‘aina in a very sustainable way. We are excited to have Bob Hobdy speak on this histories of Maui’s ahupua’a, and how this system of natural resource management pertains to Maui’s changing landscapes.

Bob Hobdy is an environmental consultant, who specializes in surveying flora and fauna in Maui. He has a degree in forestry from Oregon State University and his career with the Department of Land & Natural Resources spanned over forty years. Bob is a Hawaiian native plant expert, and is credited with discovering 12 new indigenous species of plants, several of which are named after him. He has served on many committees and boards in Maui, including the Maui County Arborist Advisory Committee and the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens Board of Directors.

Certification Credits:
LICT Credits: 1.5 Hours
Certified Arborist: TBD

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