Little Fire Ants – An update from MISC with Brook Mahnken

JOIN Brooke Mahnken from the Maui Invasive Species Committee for an update on the status of little fire ants on Maui. He will discuss MISC’s efforts to eradicate the tiny pest and what you can do to protect your business from the impacts of little fire ants.

Brooke V. Mahnken received a B.S. in botany and a B.S. in biology from the University of Washington in Seattle in 2003. He has worked with the Maui Invasive Species Committee since 2005 in a variety of different roles. In 2018 he transitioned back into his former and now current position as Operations/GIS Specialist wherein he performs data analysis and management. Precedent to that Brooke worked for 2 years as the Little Fire Ant Coordinator at MISC.

Pests & Diseases in Maui’s Landscapes with Allison Wright

SPRING has arrived, and with the warmer weather, our local plant pests & diseases are going to return with a fury. We will be reminded of the usual suspects such as whiteflies, scales, loopers and fungal infestations, as well as learn about a few new pests & diseases you will most likely encounter in your landscapes. This will include timelines for when to anticipate their activity to increase, the signs & symptoms to look for, and the best times for treatments. For both homeowners & landscape managers, this is your opportunity to learn what to expect to see here on Maui!

Allison Wright has a B.S in plant biology from James Madison University in Virgina. She has worked on Maui since 2003 for Island Plant Company, LLC where she is a Superintendent, managing over 100 acres of manicured landscapes, as well as a plant nursery. She is also a co-owner of Valhalla Flower Farm, shipping cut flowers throughout the Unites States. Allison is the current president of MALP.

Certification Credits:
LICT Credits: 2.0 hours
Certified Arborist: 2.0 hours