Help Wanted: Seeking unqualified individuals

Seeking unqualified individuals to help with the following:

helpEducational Events: You have ideas for speakers and tours. We know you do! Join the team to invite speakers to our events! Someone makes the fliers, sends the mail, sets up & breaks down the room, gathers prizes, coordinates CEU’s with ISA, Pesticide Certification & NALP, buys food and entertains the speakers and hosts!

Events Coordinator: The MALP Lawn & Garden Fair has been around for over 20 years & needs a new coordinator!

Public Relations: Sending press releases is easy! Through websites, you are able to copy & download information on events and hit send! And you could send out emails to all of our members regularly! It’s always fun to get reminders in the inbox!

Social Media Specialist: Can you post to Facebook? Are you able to take pictures of your fellow members and share?

LICT Program Coordinator: Help set the program, teach and/or lead classes, set up speakers and run the test days!

That’s just some of the jobs the board does for you – the members!

The real “jobs” are the board positions listed below & need to be filled:

MALP Treasurer: Coordinates with bookkeeper to keep all financial information up to date. Helps bookkeeper send out membership renewals. Helps gather information for grants from Maui County. Reports to the board the state of the MALP accounts.

MALP Secretary: Helps take notes for all board meetings. Disseminates notes to board as needed and to membership if requested.

MALP Vice-President: Helps run meetings and gather information needed for events.

MALP President: Coordinates & runs board meetings. Helps recruit for events. Designates people to help with all activities. Helps write annual grant request to Maui County Farm Bureau. This is typically a 2 year position.

Vocal Members: Thoughts and ideas to board during meetings. We’re always looking for more people.

Future Expansion: We are always looking to expand! We need help with recruitment ideas, article writing for the website (there’s an online MALP magazine). What about setting up new programs for members?


Seriously, did you know the MALP board does all of this and more?

It is time for new board members to join the team. All positions are open! President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary & Vocal positions! There is also the position of Past-President, waiting to be filled – by me!

We get a lot of suggestions, requests for information! The growth of the landscape industry on Maui has been phenomenal! There is so much room for growth in this organization!

I have been the President of the MALP board for the past 2 years and I can see the potential of this group! It’s time for a new president!

Board elections will be held at our New Year’s Party on Tuesday, January 24th
at 6:30 pm after our January educational meeting!
We hope to see all of you there!

If you are interested, feel free to contact myself or anyone on the board – go to and the board members are listed on the home page!

Allison Wright
MALP President