Vegetable Gardening in Maui

MALP Educational Meeting—Free to the public

Vegetable Gardening in Maui with Robin Shimabuku

Come early and bring a sample of your vegetable problems!
Date Tuesday May 27, 2014
Place Maui Community Service Bldg
next to CTHAR Extension Services (Map) on the UH Maui campus.
Time 6:30 PM — Plant Talk — Plants That Make Scents — Come and hear Terry Nutt talk about one of his favorite topics - scented plants! He'll show us both common and unusual plants to add an olfactory dimension to our gardens. CLICK HERE to view the Terry Nutt Gallery Page
7:00 PM Featured presentation will begin.

Pupus will be served

Have you ever tried to successfully grow tomatoes on Maui? What about basil or cabbage? We all love to eat these vegetables and herbs (and many more!) but growing our own vegetable gardens invites over a plethora of pests and diseases. It is also a growing trend to incorporate vegetable and herb gardens into condominium and resort landscapes. Robin will break down information on these plants into family groups so gardeners can better understand the best cultural practices for successful crops. He will also discuss pest and disease controls, incorporating his experiences from his work in Maui and in other countries.

Robin S. Shimabuku is the interim County Administrator and county extension agent in the Department of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, University of Hawaii at Manoa. He is responsible for the Edible Crops Program on Maui which includes vegetables, taro and herbs. His programs / projects include: the integrated pesticide resistance management (IRM) program for diamondback moth/onion thrips; Area wide Fruit Fly Suppression program, farm management; market development; evaluation of disease management strategies for the Iris Yellow Spot Virus on bulb onions; nutrient management of vegetable crops; building soil health and reducing dependence on imported fertilizer through the use of recycled local soil amendments and other crop improvement projects [evaluation of new and improved vegetable varieties (taro, sweet onions, tomato, bell peppers, etc)].

There will be a raffle at the end of the meeting. Each attendee will receive one free ticket.
Additional tickets can be purchased for $1 each.