Landscape Industry Certified Technician Information Session

Date Tuesday January 28, 2014
Place Maui Community Service Bldg
next to CTHAR Extension Services (Map) on the UH Maui campus.
Time 6:30 PM
Time Featured Speaker — 7:00 PM

Pupus will be served

MALP is bringing landscape certification and training classes to Maui. This program will provide class participants with a national certification in ornamental maintenance. The LICT program (formally CLT – Certified Landscape Technician), is run through the Professional Land Care Network (PLANET). You can find out more information at
Why should you get certified?

  • Hawaii state contracts now require you to have an employee with LICT on staff.
  • Certifications make your company more attractive to clients.
  • Continuing education is necessary to keep up to date in our industry.
  • Much like having an arborist certification, use this certification to enhance your other credentials.

Garrett Webb is the state administrator for Hawaii. He will be available to answer all of your questions.
The classes are scheduled to begin in April. So come on Tuesday night and have all of your questions answered! Help MALP make this program successful so we will be able to bring more programs like this to Maui in the future.


There will be a raffle at the end of the meeting.
Each attendee will receive one free ticket.
Additional tickets can be purchased for $1 each.

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