Date Tuesday August 27, 2013
Place Maui Community Service Bldg
next to CTHAR Extension Services (Map) on the UH Maui campus.
Time 6:30 - 7:00 PM: All In The Family Plant Talk: Join Terry Nutt for one of his animated plant talks! He'll be bringing us more unusual Hawaiian native plants which we should be using in our gardens.
7:00 PM Featured Presentation: David Fell, owner of Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery, will let us know all about the basics of growing green roofs and green walls for ourselves and our clients. And for fun he'll take us on a quick tour of bromeliads in New Zealand!

Pupus will be served

DO you want to increase growing space in the small yards of Maui? Do you want to add unusual architectural features to your design? Come and learn more about green roofs and green walls® the new way to add flowers, herbs, succulents and more to your landscape. David will show us the basics for installing modular systems for green walls in all situations. He will also show us the LiveRoof   planting system. This hot trend is not only aesthetically pleasing but environmentally and socially beneficial—you’d be surprised at all of the possible benefits of these systems. The University of Hawaii has even joined the trend. David, known for his bromeliad collection and sales, will also be taking us on a quick trip to see bromeliads in New Zealand.

Green roofs and walls are self-sufficient gardens that thrive both on rooftops and the exterior or interior walls of buildings. Innovative systems like LiveRoof® and LiveWall® allows nature to inspire us in a whole new way!

LiveRoof® is the first and only hybrid green roof system. LiveRoof® combines the best features of all other green roof systems.

  • Speed and ease of installation as in a modular system
  • Natural function of a conventional system
  • Pre-vegetation of a roll-out carpet system—grown in to 95% coverage before installation
LiveWall® is also a hybrid of architectural design, engineering, and horticulture bringing together the natural aesthetics, natural function, andlong term easy maintenance of this unique system.

  • Great for Indoor & Outdoor settings
  • Create various displays ranging from bright summer blossoms to tones of lush tropical foliage.
LiveRoof® and LiveWall® give many benefits including natural aesthetics, environmental benefits, and financial benefits.

CLICK HERE for videos on installing a green roof.


After high school in 1967, David Fell entered the University of Hawaii, Manoa Campus. Shortly after, he joined the US Army, serving from 1968-1971, as an Infantry Officer in Vietnam during 1969-1970.

After the service, David returned to Hawaii and attended UH for 3 more years. He then returned to Pennsylvania in 1974 and while there discovered an interest in plants, began a plant sales business, got married and returned to Hawaii in 1977. He finally graduated from UH with a BS in Horticultural Technology in Dec. 1979.

David and his wife started Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery in 1979 and is now the largest bromeliad and potted Anthurium nursery in the state.

Always on the search for new and innovative ideas, Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery has been experimenting with Green Roof and Green Wall systems for years. After exploring many options, Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery became the authorized grower and distributor of LiveRoof brand of green roofing and LiveWall brand of green walls.

Raffle: There will be a raffle at the end of the meeting. Each attendee will receive one free ticket. Additional tickets can be purchased for $1 each.