Date Tuesday June 25, 2013
Place Maui Community Service Bldg
next to CTHAR Extension Services (Map) on the UH Maui campus.
Time 6:30 PM

Pupus will be served

We have a lot to talk about in June, so come and listen!

Advertise on the MALP Website

MALP board members are excited to announce we will offer advertising on our website! MALP members can create a presence on the internet starting at $35 per year for an ad in the “classified” section! Prices will range from $35 to $800 depending on the location of the advertisement. If you have a small business you need to see this presentation! We will be showing samples of the various advertising options.

West Maui Ridge to Reef Initiative

Tova Callender, the coordinator for the West Maui Watershed Campaign, will be addressing the issues of land -based pollution as it pertains to stress on coral reefs around our islands. All landscapes on Maui effect our oceans, no matter the elevation. Come and see how we can implement practices in Maui’s landscapes to make our oceans healthier. She will have suggestions for new landscapes such as rain gardens to filter run-off and the new Reef Friendly Resort landscaping project in Kaanapali that will begin in the next few months. Check out their website at

All In The Family Plant Talk: Native Plants for Maui’s Coastal Gardens

P1090651a-EditJoin Terry Nutt for one of his animated discussions on some tried & true options as well as some unusual native Hawaiian plants which love to grow in Maui’s lower elevations. There really is more than naupaka! We will also have suggestions on where to purchase these plants!

On The Lookout For Pests & Diseases In Our Landscapes

P1050295Allison Wright will show you examples of the worst pests and diseases to look for on Maui now that summer is here. She will also be discussing the newest pest arrivals of which we all need to be aware.

New Products to Use In Landscape Maintenance

P1030642Ken Findeisen, owner of Hawaii Grower Products, will talk about some of the newest products that have come on the market in Maui for use in our landscapes. This includes an organic humic acid product to help condition our soils and allow plants to better take up nutrients. He will also be talking about Advion ant bait -think fire ants! His last product discussion will be about Provaunt, a new control for lepidopterous larvae – aka army worms, caterpillars, and more! Check out his website at