Growing Fruit Trees in Maui with Jamie Nahl of Plant It Hawaii

Date Tuesday March 26, 2013
Place Maui Community Service Bldg
next to CTHAR Extension Services (Map) on the UH Maui campus.
Time 6:30 PM

Pupus will be served

The Maui County Planting Plan, Third Edition with Ernie Rezents

Ernie Rezents will give a short presentation on the Maui County Planting Plan, Third Edition. He is expanding and revising the existing edition of this book & it is currently under review. Come to hear the information that can affect all landscape installations in Maui County. If you would like to preview a copy, it is available at the Aloha Arborist Association website.

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Featured Speaker @ 7:00 PM

Growing Fruit Trees in Maui with Jamie Nahl of Plant It Hawaii

DO you have a favorite mango and want to know if it grows Upcountry? Does your tangerine tree produce dry fruit or does your tree never seem to have any fruit?

It seems almost every property on Maui has at least one fruit tree, if not more, and many homeowners have even developed small orchards to bring in more income.

From Oranges to Mangosteen and even Cacao (that’s the fruit that turns into chocolate), Jamie can help you select the best variety for your location and elevation on Maui. She will also show us how properly pruning trees can help increase yields and create better tasting fruit. She will also be discussing the best fertilizers to use on all varieties of fruit trees.

In addition, attendees will learn the best management practices for pests and diseases. Jamie is also bringing information on new varieties, yet to be released! If you or your clients have fruit trees, you want to plant some or if you have any questions, come and listen!

Jamie K. Nahl, born & raised in Hawaii, has been working in the horticulture and agriculture since graduating from UH Hilo College of Agriculture in 1980. For almost 20 years, Jamie has worked for Plant It Hawaii and Hula Brothers, Inc., an orchard, and she is currently the Office & Sales Manager. Plant It Hawaii is one of the largest growers & distributers of fruit trees in Hawaii. She is currently on the board of the Hawaii Floriculture and Nursery Association.

Raffle:   There will be a raffle at the end of the meeting. Each attendee will receive one free ticket. Additional tickets can be purchased for $1 each.