Common Plant Health Problems in Hawaii Landscapes

Date Tuesday March 23rd 2010
Place Maui Community Service Bldg
next to CTHAR Extension Services (Map) on the UH Maui campus.
Time Pupus will be served at 6:30 pm and the talk will begin at 7:00.

Pupus and soft drinks served.

Our speaker for March is Dr Scot C. Nelson, he will be discussing Common Plant Health Problems in Hawaii Landscapes.

Dr. Nelson has been employed as a plant pathologist at the University of Hawaii at Manoa since 1992, having been stationed at Manoa, Hilo (his current location) and in Kona. He has experience with plant pests and diseases in landscape settings, at homes, businesses, tourist destinations and resorts throughout the state.

An unhealthy plant can be suffering from many things including pests, cultural practices, environmental problems as well as disease issues. Plant pathology is a tough subject and it is one that is presented to the landscaper each day. Learn to identify some of the more common plant health problems in our landscapes. Dr Nelson is “The Plant Doctor” Visit his informative web site at This educational meeting is presented by Maui Association of Landscape Professionals (MALP) Info call 268 9825.

Blossom end rot is the softening, discoloration, and often disintegration of plant tissue at the blossom end of a fruit, caused by a calcium deficiency.

Bacterial leaf blight is sudden, severe, and extensive spotting, discoloration, wilting, or destruction of leaves caused by plant-pathogenic bacteria.